Friday, August 16, 2019

VotC final edits

I've found a system that works for me in writing and publishing a series. Over the years, I've learned that writing two books ahead of what's coming up for publishing is actually very beneficial and fun.

There are several aspects to this:

  1. I get several editing rounds broken up so that each time, I edit my mind is fresh and I enjoy the story anew, which is great.
  2. Because my mind is fresh, I see the faults more clearly. With several rounds broken by time and working on other projects, I see different aspects each time I run through a particular story. It's not just editing but also the earlier developmental edits.
  3. I get a refresher for anything that's come since that book that's being edited as the next story to be published. I can then correct anything that I've written since that soon-to-be-published story.
  4. I can still make reasonable adjustments as I've learned from stories written since the next to be published. So far, I've been introducing different characters and situations, still establishing the universe and overall plot, so sometimes I want to change something a story or two later on a rule that was established earlier. By writing two ahead of where I'm publishing, I have been able to go back and make changes to better suit what the overall plot has wanted to become. Often this involves taking small details out or making details more general and less precise so that I have room to play without breaking anything.
Some of these I've mentioned in other posts, but it always amazes me how much I enjoy the stories after some time away, even if I'm still writing in the same series.

I'm currently running swiftly through final edits of VAULT OF THE CELESTIALS. I say swiftly because, after writing IN DARKNESS, LIGHT and most of the untitled #5 of the Starfire Angels: Forgotten Worlds series so far, VotC is fresh again and I can enjoy the ride. I appreciate all the drafting and many rewrites that got it to the point that it fits in the series and flows very well without a dull moment. Often, while writing the first draft, I feel like the story is moving too slowly, but that's mostly because the first draft can take 2-3 months to write. It only feels slow because real life takes place around it. Reading it through when it's nearly perfect is the best part; I can enjoy it like a new reader would.

I'm preparing VotC for its release on September 12, which is coming up faster than I expected. You can pre-order now from various retailers:

(Also available at other various ebook retailers)

Update 8/17/19: The final version of VotC is uploaded. Now, I can let #3 show itself to the world on the appointed date while I finish #5.

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