Friday, August 30, 2019

Maybe social media?

I'm dabbling in social media, experimenting with MeWe. I like that they aren't data harvesters like Facebook and Twitter. They don't sell personal data. What they sell are in-app extras, like stickers and custom emojis and even a small fee for their pages.

No ads
No selling your data
Did I mention NO ADS?!
NO FILTERING!! You get to see all the group and page posts that are posted.
And Privacy

You have to register to view pages. As I said under the "Pros", privacy.

It was because of big tech using my data, ads, and filtering content that I quit other social media sites. They really pissed me off.

I've been on MeWe for a while now, but I'm finally expanding into a page. Connect with me on MeWe at I'm trialing it to see if it's worthwhile. I hope you'll join me and help me make a go of this. I only wish that I had done this before quitting Facebook so I could notify everyone there to follow me.

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