Monday, March 2, 2020

almost ready

It's almost there!

I'm finishing up the final edits of The Destruction of Walls so it's available on time.

After getting halfway through writing #7 of this series, I realized how close I was getting to the release date I had set for #5. I had to put the WIP aside to get back to this, but I'm glad I did. I think it will help me to find my footing for #7 a little better.

This series evolves. Through the events that happen to them, the characters evolve. The hard part is knowing what's coming and not getting caught up in that while I'm writing in the present. It's a bit of a struggle at times (as it is writing #7) to stay in the mindset of the present characters. It's also a bit of a struggle to switch the focus to the other characters and let them stand out more rather than focus on the main character. #7 will let the others get out more. I want to give them each the spotlight.

Back to TDoW, you can pre-order now or wait. It will be available March 26, 2020.

Although sworn to protect Nya, L'Ni despises her. However, she won't let his hatred of the An'shel or his lethal skills stop her from confronting him. She'll find a way to break that wall, even if she has to volunteer as his punching bag. She has little else to do while her wings recover from the damage inflicted on Kurtuz.

Or at least she thinks she doesn’t. While the Iludrin has been floating in empty, interstellar space, Shen has been experimenting on the new ship. Those experiments have left them vulnerable, which they discover when two groups of boarders appear on the Iludrin, each with their own nefarious purpose. However, what they discover could offer an opportunity to impede the plans of the Issan, if everyone can work together, especially L'Ni and Nya.

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