Thursday, March 19, 2020

update on Forgotten Worlds #7

I am happy to say that the writing is finally going somewhere. This past winter was hard for me. I struggled to write but kept going. It turns out that I needed digestive enzymes. Not having a gallbladder anymore changes things, although not by much, since I was having digestive problems for years before it got so bad that the little sack of... bile (what did you expect me to say?) -- until that finally was removed. I've felt better since, but about nine months after having it removed, something changed and it took a few more months to find that enzymes were the answer. Since then, I have been back to being creative again. The story, and the series is moving forward at a good pace.

Of course, anything can disrupt that. However, coronavirus is not one of those. No, I don't have it. I pray to God it passes over this household. But with work slowing down at my day job, I will be working from home more. Mostly, that means being available to answer emails and any phone calls. The coronavirus has delayed some of my tasks for now. That can mean more time to write. Make the most of it, right?

I've also put one boxed set on sale for 90% off. You can scoop up THE LURIEL CYCLE: THE COMPLETE TRILOGY for only $0.99 now through April 4th, but only on Amazon.

With that done, I've been really inspired to work on Forgotten Worlds and am excited to announce a title:

(Starfire Angels: Forgotten Worlds Book 7)

That's all I have for now. I will figure out a cover when I'm done writing, unless inspiration hits before then. With luck, I could finish by April 4th. At last! With all the trouble I had starting this one, it will be a huge relief to reach the end. I think this will be a good adventure transitioning from the events of DISPOSITION OF DREAMS and leading into RACING THE ORAST BELT, but rewrites will tell. Yes, I already have the title of #8. I have been eager to write that one since introducing it in THE RULE OF YONDER (book 2).

I hope I can get back on track with the writing schedule I had going. I'm about a month off at this point, but I also have the start of #8 already written, so that gives me a jumpstart for that. Also, situations are getting a little tricker to write as I get into the series, because now I have to keep track of facts and events from more and more adventures. I'm keeping a wiki file on much of the details for reference, but there are things about each book that require me actually going into the book to review on occasion.

As long as coronavirus doesn't get me, I should be able to finish this long series in a few years with a very satisfying conclusion.

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