Monday, July 8, 2019

back to drafting

After some weird health issue bumps in the road last week, I got back to work writing this weekend.

I have a first chapter of the first draft written on Starfire Angels: Forgotten Worlds #5 and an outline written up already to guide me along. It's different. The characters are developing, and the new characters are still new, so the others aren't sure what to make of them, but I know. They can still surprise me, however.

And I have the closing (sort of an "end credit") scene ready for this one. I've been inserting those all along as extras with plans to lead up to bigger things in forthcoming books. It fits perfectly with the reveals in #5.

I wish I could write these faster, but the actual writing takes much more work than the outlining. Outlining is easy--that's just brainstorming. Fleshing out the stories and developing the characters is what requires work, and that is where the bottleneck is, besides real life. Besides, while I'm writing or editing, I end up developing other ideas and adding to the series :)

So, I'm working on #5 of SA:FW and still have ideas for 8+ more already written in synopses, some quite thoroughly; and that's not even getting close to the climax of this whole series. I expect to write a lot in this series, as long as the creativity continues to keep coming. It helps that these are only at that 40,000 word novella/novel borderline. I can actually create MUCH more with shorter books than I can with longer books, and there's still an overall story arc (like Babylon 5). If you're enjoying it, be sure to add me as a favorite author at your chosen ebook retailer to be notified when the next book is available.

The first two books of the series are available for reading now. #3 is pre-order for September. #4 will get set up for pre-order with an expected release date in the end of November 2019. Expect #5 to be available sometime around the end of February 2020. I'll keep working on a 2.5-3 month release schedule on these. Don't plan on seeing anything else from me until this series has run its course. (Unless I get stuck and write something else to get the creative juices flowing again.)





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