Wednesday, July 31, 2019

my new office

It's summer and I've been trying to enjoy the fresh air and not-too-hot summer we've been having.

Being outside has helped me through some difficult issues. I am an outdoors country person, having grown up on a farm/ranch. City life doesn't suit me. I'm glad I found our lot back when our oldest child was just a baby and snapped it up and built our home on it. We have a terrific view of pastures... and the neighbor's trees.

We added some cheap deck furniture recently, after moving our larger (cheap) set to the front patio. I like to sit in the front shade in the mornings when I can. Usually, however, I end up working then and have to wait for the sun to move so that I get shade on the back deck where I can sit. The sun heats up my computer too much to have it out in anything but shade.

There's something inspiring about the rustle of the leaves in the prairie breeze and fresh, clean air of being outside the city. I could do without the distant traffic sounds, but otherwise, it's quite inspiring for writing. The only other distraction is the occasional bee checking things out or the cats behind the screen door (behind my chair, where I'm standing to take the pic) mewing to get out.

So, for writing, this has become my evening office:

I'll sometimes play new age/instrumental music from my phone to the speaker--on the side of the grill (covered). The right music can help set the mood for a particular scene or character.

By getting out when I can, I've been more productive and creative, and also healthier. Forgotten Worlds #5 is over 16,000 words at this time, getting close to half done on a first draft!

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