Saturday, July 20, 2019

Writing progress

I've had some trouble with the latest story, Forgotten Worlds #5 (title TBD), but I've also been dealing with some weird health issues (possibly nutrient deficiencies, since supplements seem to be helping). Now that I've been recovering from the latter, the writing is flowing again. I've recovered my characters too from whatever was blocking them. For some reason, having a temporary crown for two weeks cut me off from my characters, darn near the scariest thing for a writer; but on goes the permanent crown and I can think again. I hate dental work with a passion, especially after this.

With that, I've ended up completely reworking the story that I thought was going to be #5 into something that fits MUCH better with improvements in what it adds to the overarching story of the series. The story was feeling thin, until this morning, when I realized what I could add. Suddenly, I had that extra dimension that was missing.

Sometimes in writing, we don't know what to expect or we think we know but it's not quite right. This happens with almost every story for me. Then there's an epiphany, an awakening of sorts, and the real story comes through. That's when the magic happens! I love those moments. For me, that's the reward of writing. It kind of is an addiction, but a good addiction, because the pleasure from those moments in writing are what makes it worthwhile and keeps a true writer writing and productive. It is for me what gambling or social media likes are to others; except this is purely constructive not destructive.

So, back on track with Starfire Angels: Forgotten Worlds #5 and actually almost a quarter into writing it with a good start and the best yet to come. This series is something special.

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