Monday, December 16, 2019

New website look has a clean, fresh look that's brought it up to date.

I had an update in the works that wasn't going anywhere and received a referral for a new designer. I appreciate Dave's clear communication and the many Zoom meetings in which details were hashed out and the functionality explained to me. He was very professional and easy to work with and put in 110% effort. In a little over a month since I contacted him, the general vision I had for the new site became a reality.

A fresh design, whether a book cover or a website, is a joint effort by the owner and the artist.  My new design is simple and clean with few bells and whistles but is easy to navigate and serves its intended purpose. All of my book covers are on the carousel at the top of each page with full individual series included within each applicable book page, along with ebook purchase links.

I'm happy with it and the functionality, but I didn't need much. It's also easy for me to update with no more Dreamweaver required.

One more big project done!

Now, back to editing.

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