Sunday, December 15, 2019

the Forgotten Worlds series and teasers of what's to come

Now that the fourth book in the Starfire Angels: Forgotten Worlds series is nearly here, I thought I'd say something about what to expect in this series.

I've been planning the books very carefully but very flexibly. In other words, I have the general outline of the action of the series to reach the ultimate conclusion. However, I also have planned character arcs and what I expect out of each of the main characters. Again, those are also flexible. I have the general arcs but allow for some variability within that and some surprises. Nothing is set in stone, except the points I have to hit along the way.

By the fourth book, the story is pretty well established with all but one of Nya's team brought together. There will still be some departures and some new arrivals along the course of the series, but probably not more than two or three changes before the end. (As I said, the story can still surprise me.)

In book one, you meet Nya and learn about the Issan, Paxons, and Ethalians, and the Starfire's purpose is revealed. It is the just the introduction to a much broader story. In book two, you get a glimpse of the immensity of the galaxy in which Nya has arrived, and she receives a gift that will play a significant role farther into the series. In book three, you will learn the truth of the influence of Nya's people in that galaxy and the reason for Ethalian telepathy. In book four, you will learn deadly details about the Issan and their plans that no one in the galaxy knew, because the Issan are a secretive race, and a new character will join the team.

In the next book, the team will learn to work together in taking on the Issan in a head-to-head confrontation and they will all realize who their new member is. The truth will challenge them. In book six, new readers to the Starfire Angels series will get a glimpse of Inari life that readers of the earlier parts of the series already know, so that will be a revelation to some reaaders or a visit to the past for others. There will also be a tie-in to the end scene in book one, so pay attention. In Book seven, I plan to reveal a few details about certain questionable characters, not the core team, which will hint at possible problems in the group. In Book eight, I'll be having fun with the events. Nya expects some excitement, but she won't be prepared for the betrayal. Book nine or ten should introduce the last member of the team. At some point, there will be a royal wedding. There will be loyalties tested, outright betrayals, and the continuing mission to locate the Starfire shards, along with a hint of what will ultimately defeat the threat to the universe.

And that is barely the first half of the series! I have even more excitement planned for the second half with the established team and developing relationships. I have never written something so ambitious in the undertaking, but it is a challenge that I am enjoying. I have SO MANY ideas for individual books in this series that I expect to be writing it for the next five years.

So, stick around awhile and give it a chance. The first book barely dips your toes in the water. You'll want to wade in further than just one book. There's so much more to come.

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